Safety & Support


Safety  Everyone’s safety is our primary concern.  Bear in mind that this is a recreational ride on rural roads, not a race.  Ride single file and always stay to the right!  Please read the Participant Code of Conduct and initial your Registration Form acknowledging your understanding of, and agreement to abide by it.

Participant Code of Conduct                                                                                             A significant collaborative effort was made to allow us to conduct this group ride here. We are guests in this land and we want to be welcomed back every year.  Every cyclist’s behavior reflects on the entire bicycling community.  The success of this event is based on positive attitudes, mutual respect, and cooperation.  Therefore as condition of participation I agree to the following:

  • To insure that my equipment is properly fitted and maintained, including a helmet that I will wear whenever on the bike;
  • To ride in a manner that promotes everyone’s safety;
  •  To obey all traffic laws and ride single file;
  • To place all refuse in the appropriate containers and practice “leave no trace”,
  • To follow the direction of law enforcement staff and course marshals. 

Safety video:

Equipment    We recommend a pre-event safety inspection, at the following fine shops:

Optimized Cycling Solutions – 3113 Alhambra Drive Suite A, Cameron Park – 530.363.2697  Call to set up an appointment for a free bike safety inspection and 10% off service.

Placerville Bike Shop - 1307 Broadway, Placerville, CA 95667 – 530.622.3015

Victory Velo Bike Shop – 835 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603

Pro mechanics will be providing mechanical assitance on course.  Please carry cash and a credit card if the need to purchase parts occurs.

Food Safety  In order to maintain healthy food offerings please use the tongs where provided, and observe all safe food handling practices.

Support   An experienced cyclist is self reliant.  Therefore please carry a tube, patch kit, pump, 2 large water bottles, identification and some cash for emergency purchase of bike parts if available.  Minor First Aid supplies, bike tools, tubes and assistance will be offered at all Aid Stations and SAG vehicles.   You must show your event wrist band to be served at the aid stations or SAG vehicles.

Medical – Our routes pass by seven fire stations, and we have First Aid supplies at aid stations and in all SAG vehicles.  In the event of emergency dial 911 or call or text our radio dispatch center at 530.721.2970.

SAG vehicles (marked with SAG signs) will sweep the course providing rides to the next aid station, minor mechanical repair and possibly some parts, emergency cell phone and ham radio communications, and minor medical aid.

Aid Stations will provide you with nutritious high energy food and beverage to keep you on your way.  In addition, our staff will advise you of’ the upcoming route’s characteristics, mileage to next aid station and options available to you.  Please begin your ride between 6:30 and 8:00 am.  You should know what your average riding speed is so you can insure your start time enables you to meet the aid station operation hours. Clothes Drop Bags  will be available at Garden Valley #1, and  The Fire House #2 aid stations.

Click on our Operating Hours for Aid Stations to calculate when you should start your ride based on your pace.    .

Post Ride Meal served riverside from 12:00 – 5:0pm.  Local micro brews and wines will be sold by our not for profit partner Friends of  El Dorado Trails as a fundraiser to support their mission.  Please patronize, but drink responsibly.

Recovery – Sooth your taxed body with a soak in the cool river, a hot shower and professional massage in camp by Leslie Bravo and company.

Communications We are fortunate to have El Dorado County Amateur Radio Association providing short wave radio communications.  Cell service varies.  Typical cell reception on the course:  Coloma/Lotus – Verizon; Cool – Verizon, AT&T; Garden Valley – Verizon; Swansboro – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint; Placerville – AT&T; Rescue – AT&T

Clean up – Are you the type that defeats lactic acid by sitting in cool water, or takes a hot shower after a ride?  We have both!  Be sure to bring bathing attire if you want to rinse in the river.  Be safe, no lifeguard on duty.